Website Migration

Website Migration:

If you have raised a kid, you are certainly have been in that situation you see your kid's clothing does not fit anymore, or you need to purchase a new bed for him/her.
The same allegory applies to the website development:
You start a website with a ready and free Content Management System (CMS), like Wordpress. After a while the number of the items on the website grows to tens of thousands very fast, and you feel that the slow response time of the website is hurting your business. At that time you need to migrate your website to a more capable CMS, or start designing a custom solution tailored just for your needs.
Designing a new website is one task, and the migration of the existing data from one CMS to the new one is another. According to my experience, it's one of the dirtiest tasks of all, and it's really hard to find the right person able to take care of all the minuscule details of the nature of such migrations.
We have been in such situations before, and could provide the best service for our clients. So if you are thinking about the migration of your data from one CMS to another, please do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss more.

HTML to WordPress:

We can convert your static HTML website to a dynamic WordPress theme.
This service includes the following :

  • Converting your HTML website to a fully functional WordPress theme with the latest WordPress coding standards.
  • If required, we can consider about making the template responsive.
  • We will setup the WordPress site on my own testing server or your server if you have bought PHP hosting.
  • We will also help you with the Social Sharing Integration and Custom Sidebar implementation during this process.
  • We’ll proceed based on your requirement and update you the progress.

What we require?

  • You will need to provide us with the following details in order to get your plugin customized.
  • Web-hosting Login Details (panel URL, username & password)
  • Web-site Login Details (website URL, username & password)
  • FTP Details (server, username & password)
  • Source files and Images (usually HTML/CSS) with fonts used in the design.

Delivery Time Frame:

Our usual Delivery Time Frame would be 10 Business Days and upto 5 revisions (excludes weekends) subject to level of complexity and compatibility with the demands of the clients. We starts our project once the required information is received.