Website Redesign: When You Need It?

First impression does matter, especially when prospective customers are visiting your website. Your potential audience will start making assumptions about your business at the first glance of your website. Usually they do not spend more than a few seconds, before they decide if they should stay or leave the site. All the content sould be relevant and to-the-point. Nothing should steal their attention and distract them. Poor navigation or an unattractive user interface, make visitors to leave your website, as much as imcompayibilty with some mobile or tablet devices do. So, if any of these cases apply to your website, and it cannot convert visitors to customers, it may be a good time to consider a website redesign.

The following points can help you to decide what should be improved.

A PSA About A Credit Card Scam

Yesterday, I received an email from what appeared to be a potential client. The Email was sent from a marine engineer, or so he said, who wanted a website for his growing oil company. The client, lets call him 'Bob', claimed that he wanted his website to be the best of the best  and that he had the funds to pay for it; upward of $10,000. Of course, I am going to say yes to that!

How to Extract the Path of SVG file to Use it as a Marker on Google Maps

In the following video clip which I uploaded on YouTube, I show you the most efficient way to convert any PNG/Jpeg file to SVG format. Then extract SVG path as a single string, so it can be used to define the path of the icon used as a maker on Google Maps.

The Death of Skeuomorphism?

Skeuomorphism has become something of a buzz-word in the design world in the past year. If we take a look at Google Trends' account of global searches for the word "skeuomorphism" in 2013, we see two main spikes, the first coinciding with the announcing of iOS 7 (circa June 2013) and the second with the release of iOS 7 (September 2013).

A Hacked website & Lessons Learned

It was 9AM when one of my clients called me and asked if I know why none of the pages of his website, which is Wordpress based, is shown. I started checking his Wordpress dashboard first, and everything was looking fine, but when I tried any page, it just could not show them. It took me a while to conclude it may be a hack attack.

How To Make a Minimalist Site

Minimalism is probably the top web design trend of 2013, and we here at Blazing Spider are happy it is. Minimalism is a beautiful and simple mindset that, when applied to web design, produces stunning results. It’s no secret that becoming a minimalist designer is made much easier if you already have a pretty good foundation of design in general.

Drupal's SEO Capabilities

Drupal has many features that make it stand out from the crowd when it comes to SEO.

A Built-In Taxonomy system: Taxonomy allows you to tag content with relevant and keyword-rich tags- an invaluable tool for anyone that’s SEO oriented. You can even have multi-level, hierarchical category organization and content-type specific “vocabulary” (for example your products have a different vocabulary set than your blog). Way cool!