Drupal's SEO Capabilities

Drupal has many features that make it stand out from the crowd when it comes to SEO.

A Built-In Taxonomy system: Taxonomy allows you to tag content with relevant and keyword-rich tags- an invaluable tool for anyone that’s SEO oriented. You can even have multi-level, hierarchical category organization and content-type specific “vocabulary” (for example your products have a different vocabulary set than your blog). Way cool!

Custom Content Types: You can define your own content types: articles, products, podcasts, and more. The best part? No programming knowledge required.

Page Title: You can let Drupal set automatic page titles using its smart page-titling features or you can take the reins and take SEO to a whole new level. Either way, it’s completely user friendly, coding-free, and painless.

SEO Checklist Module: This module is a total must-have! While it doesn’t really do anything, it provides a checklist of things to do to make your site score higher in the search engines.

SEO-Optimized URLS: Unlike WordPress, Drupal gives you complete control over your URLS right from the get-go. Additionally, you can install the Pathauto Module which generates custom URL structures for each content type.