How To Make a Minimalist Site

Minimalism is probably the top web design trend of 2013, and we here at Blazing Spider are happy it is. Minimalism is a beautiful and simple mindset that, when applied to web design, produces stunning results. It’s no secret that becoming a minimalist designer is made much easier if you already have a pretty good foundation of design in general. A solid understanding of grids and layouts, and an expertise and finesse in applying that understanding can go a long way when designing minimalist style websites, however a lack of these things should not stop you from learning this beautiful style. If you are interested in adopting a minimalist approach for your designs, there are a few simple guidelines to follow.First of all, you must minimize your content. Throw away as much as you possibly can. If you can remove it and it doesn’t significantly undermine the main message you are trying to get across, it’s probably junk. One good piece of advice for those attached to their content is:

Temporarily hide the content for 30 days. Don’t go back and read that content or remind yourself about it. After 30 days if your life is not in a state of absolute crisis, you are free to throw the content away.

One way to go about getting rid of and/or simplifying content is to review the usual culprits of lower-quality content:• Second and third level navigation pages : you realistically shouldn’t need more than 4 or 5 pages (unless we’re talking about an e-commerce site or some sort of technical site).• Recent feeds, Popular feeds, Comment feeds, Facebook and Twitter feeds: Anything that ends with “feeds” is almost definitely unnecessary. Please help your readers focus on what’s important.• Any sort of counters: Social ‘like’ counters for your main page, ‘Total visits’ counters, like…really?? No need to become anti-Social Media, but a few simple buttons should suffice.• Extra graphics: 1 small to medium sized graphic elements per page is enough. Keep in mind, however, your graphic should neither overwhelm your content nor take too much attention away from it.Finally, when your content is minimized and you have stripped your site to the bare minimums, you must style it. Remember, Minimalism is not about looking plain or boring, it’s about focusing your attention on the essentials. Having an attention-grabbing and consistent layout/wireframe system is key. Applying the proper colors, typography, textures, and whitespace use can also be essential to your Minimalism goals.