Top 5 Best Fonts for Paragraphs!

Google Web Fonts have quickly become the number one choice for web designers. There are other options available, however, as the quality of most Google Web Fonts is questionable and here we showcase a mix of our favorite fonts to use for paragraphs.

1) Source Sans Pro (Light 200) It's Adobe's first open source font family, and is a sans-serif font intended to work well in user interfaces. The clean, lean, yet easily readable characters of this font type make it score at the top of our list. Available on Google Web Fonts.

2) Chaparral Pro (Light 300) Another one of Adobe's fonts, Chaparral is a highly functional design, and very beautiful. You can find it here

3) FontFont Meta Web Pro This one is a very famous font by FontFont (Erik Spiekermann). Sans-serif web font available here

4)Source Sans Pro (Book 300) From the same font family as our first choice, this is the bolder, slightly different cousin, known as Source Sans Pro Book 300. Slightly bolder, and still good. Also on Google Web Fonts.

5) FontFace Meta Serif Web Pro (Book 500) Another one of Erik Spiekermann's creations, this is a bolder, serif version of FF Meta Web Pro. It is available here

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