The Top 5 Fonts of 2013

Fonts are an essential tool for many web designer. Often an appropriate font, or lack thereof, can make or break a type-based site, for example a blog or a news site. Also essential for headlines, and all sorts of creatively placed text, fonts are great way to spice things up in your design. That's why we have compiled some of the best fonts to be introduced this last year, and with the New Year fast approaching there is not better time to showcase of of these! 1. Radikal This font is perfectly suitable for headlines and titles, to text, depending on your usage. The Radikal family includes 7 weights, from UltraThin to Black, with their corresponding italics. Each font includes OpenType Features such as Proportional Figure, Tabular Figures, Numerator, Superscript, Denominators, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Ordinals, Fractions and ligatures.The fonts have extended characters set to support Central, Eastern and Western European languages. I want this font! Where to purchase?

2. Adria Grotesk This type is very friendly and welcoming! It's a typeface that comes in 7 carefully crafted weights and charming upright italics. You will find a fine choice of lining, tabular and old style figures, numerators, denominators, tabular figures, fractions, ligatures, some sweet symbols and even alternate arrows. I want this font!

3. Core Circus This type is particularly good in this day and age where the flat design trend has triumphed and visually engaging typefonts like this can add flavor to your site without compromising the modern,"flat" look of your site. The shape of Core Circus is simple but the combinations of effect fonts are impressive. Core Circus makes your works charming and special with endless combinations (at least 262,551 kinds). This family is really nice for book titles, headlines, logotypes and any artworks. I want this font!

4. Canaro The Canaro type font is a very useful font. While highly legible, its subtle futuristic look and its amazingly kerned, and spaced type makes it an instant classic. The lack of spurs provide a unique but unobtrusive appearance and support the contemporary character. In addition, the open shapes in combination with a tall x-height, create legibility in small text sizes. Typographic features like alternative lettershapes, ligatures, oldstyle numbers, arrows, fractions, special characters and many more, round up the whole family. Canaro is available in nine weights plus matching italics. I want this font!

5. Brandon Text The Brandon Text font type is another highly legible font new in 2013. It has a higher x-height than the Grotesque version and is optimized for long texts, small sizes and screens. This sans serif type family of six weights plus matching italics was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2012. Influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s, the fonts are based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility. Brandon Text has a functional look with a warm touch and works I want this font!