Bug Fixes & Error Handling

Bug Fixes & Error Handling:

Have you ever seen a webpage that can be seen on a certain browser, but not others? or a website stop showing on Firefox or Chrome browsers, after a browser update, or a plugin/module update of the website?
In a world of ever-changing and ever-updating platforms, browsers, server side software, plugins, and modules, this kind of bugs and errors are quite expected. Sometimes you can ignore them, and hope that will be fixed with the next update, but it happens that suddenly a good portions of visitors cannot access the website, and you do not know what is going on and what may cause this.
So there should be someone who can look at the problem, debug the codes, find the cause of the problem, and come up with an idea how to fix that or at least manage that in the short time.
That's kind of service we happily can take care of. Whenever an issue arises, we can assess how to fix it ASAP, in the most cost-effective way.
So please write down our contact info somewhere, and we will give you a free consultation on what is the best solution, and what we can do to manage that.