Cloud Services

Cloud Services:

You may ask why I put this service under the category of "Website Well-being"?
It may happen that you need to host all the high-resolution video clips about tutorials and some online courses on your own website, because video sharing websites like YouTube do not allow you to have a high-resolution video. Some of them like Vimeo do this for a high price. If you host the video clips on the server your website is hosted, it may cause more load on the server, and may cause the response time of the website to get worse.
So one solution is to host big files on a cloud service like Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure.
Sometimes you need more processing power than what the CPU of the hosting server can offer. For example if your website allows people to upload an image file, and after some processes done on the image, download the result back, such process may need a lot of processing power, even if the visitors of the website are not more than a few hundreds a day. By utilizing cloud computing services, you can move the burden of that processing, away from the hosting.
We have done such services before, and we can offer our experience on hopw to utilize cloud services and cloud computing to enhance your website's performance and capabilities.