Virus Removal Services & Security Review

Virus Removal Services & Security Review

Hacking websites and use it to spread viruses and malware, happens a lot. The ideal is to protect your website from virus and threats. Our Security Hardening service is ideal for anyone who owns and runs a blog or website to help them combat the always rising malicious attacks and malware infections.
But just in case if an attack to the website happens, all the malicious code must be found and removed from the website, before your website appears in Search engines' black list.

Main Features

  • Virus Removal
  • Security Review
  • WordPress security plugins:
    Install Anti-spam defends and WordPress security plugins to protect your website from threats
  • Themes & Plugin Security:
    Check that all WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are secure, properly configured and do not pose any security risks.
  • Review WordPress roles and capabilities:
    Manually check that correct privileges i.e. WordPress roles and capabilities were assigned to each WordPress user and update where required.
  • Dashboard Security:
    Implement strong WordPress dashboard security tweaks to thwart malicious hacker attacks.
  • Password Check:
    Check and ensure that strong passwords are used in the WordPress installation process.
  • Database Security:
    Implement advance security layers to protect the WordPress database from malicious attacks and threats.

What we require?

  • You will need to provide us with the following details in order for us to get started optimizing your website security.
  • Web-hosting Login and Password
  • Web-site Login and Password
  • FTP Details

Delivery Time Frame

Our usual Delivery Time Frame is would be 2 Business Days (excluding weekends) subject to level of virus and infection in the files.