There are things that everybody can see.

Everything in the “front-end” is what site users can see and deal with.

This includes things like HTML5, CSS, images & SVG, Javascript frameworks like Vue.js & React & Angular, Browser Compatibility, and more.

But there is more underneath.

The “back-end” can include things like: Server's configuration, Security & Scalability; Development Languages like PHP & Java & Kotlin; APIs, E-commerce, and more.

We take care of any twist & turn in the codes and scripts.

Every server & website needs lots of coding & scripting; from automating tasks in the server, devloping the site with PHP & Java, to browser-side Javascript, and so on.

And it's our expertise to deal with them all.

Our portfolio is full

From E-commerce shops, to the most complex service one can imagine.

With Laravel/Wordpress, and/or Java/Kotlin