We offer many design services, including but not limited to:

HTML-only Website

Designing a website with a CMS (Content Management System), like Wordpress or Drupal, is not the only option.

In fact, if you are not going to be selling anything on your website, and you do not need a "user login" function, we may recommend an HTML-Only design (also known as Serverless).

This setup has the added benefits of improved security and no regular updates needed, as compared to a CMS-based design.

Custom PHP Websites

Almost 79% of websites are based on PHP; and that's for a good reason. Modern PHP websites can be very fast and secure.

We mostly use Laravel framework, for high-end E-commerce, complex user-management, secure and scalable websites.

CMS Based Websites

If you need a weblog, a small E-commerce online shop, or a magazine, we can design it with the Wordpress or Drupal CMSs. These frameworks give tons of options for your website.

Custom Java Websites

Although only 3.8% of all websites use Java as the server-side programming language, many of the high traffic financial institutions and banks prefer Java for its security.

We, at Blazing Spider, are up to the task to deliver the most sophisticated and secure Java designs.

Email: inquire@blazingspider.com